Of and About Susanna Rich

You Tube Video

“Mitsu Yasukawa’s Video Report
for The Star Ledger on”

Videoreport of The Drive Home: A Staged Poetry Reading
The Star Ledger on

Ashes, Ashes: A Poet Responds to the Holocaust

“Ashes, Ashes: A Poet Responds to the Holocaust”

Television Daddy

“An Invitation to a Poetry Experience”


home movie

"Home Movie"
(A Sample Room)


What was your inspiration?

"Q & A"


Julie Maloney

"Review by Julie Maloney"
(Director of Women Reading Aloud)


John Wargacki

"Review by John Wargacki"
(Director of Poetry-In-The-Round, Seton Hall University)


emily Filardo

"Review by Emily Filardo"
(Director of Women's Studies, Kean University)



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